Sunday, August 24, 2008

Episode 40: Don't Go Calling Obama, Bank on Drinking Voters

Lots of things covered in tonight's show! For starters, we had Eric Odom of the Don't Go Movement who introduces his group and what they're pushing for. In addition, the show was streamed into the amphitheater at the Republican Party of Second Life. Visit their podcast at As a reminder, there are three things we're looking to the listeners for help or feedback with:
  • We're putting out a call for guests to help us out by opening the show for us. It can be live during the show or it can be pre-recorded and sent via email.
  • We're looking for someone that is more graphically oriented to help us design a logo, color scheme and layout to work with our site.
  • We're also looking for feedback about the concept of East Coast Conservative merchandise.
If you want to comment on any of these, please email us at Thanks! Links for articles discussed on tonight's show:

Click here to download tonight's show. Thank you to all that listen in!

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