Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Episode 243: What They Stand For

Back to our regular format, with Ken back and more news to discuss. We actually managed to get through almost all of the news articles for this episode... even when Ken added one to the list!

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During the recording, there were a few things that ended up getting added or mentioned. They included a news article that Ken added about "Crumb and Get It", who told Joe Biden's advance team 'no' when they asked if the Vice President could stop by.

I made reference to an economics video that is currently playing in the Conservative University in Second Life that goes over some rather disturbing facts regarding taxes, spending and what it might take to cover the budget deficit as it exists today. I'll include that video in a separate post.

Finally, Shorahmin also mentioned a 1956 book by Edwin O'Connor entitled The Last Hurrah that was provided as recommended reading.

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