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Monday, November 23, 2009

Episode 104: Roundtable

Tonight is our 104th which based on fuzzy math is two years of podcasts! For tonight's show we have some friends with us to reflect on things we said then, where those items are now and where we think they're going to be looking forward. Stick around, it's going to be a wild ride!

With us tonight we have Matt Myers, a guest on a few occasions as well as podcaster and writer Ron Skytower, who announced his new blog which can be found at

Don't forget the calendar change for episode 105. Due to a conflict, the show will be on Saturday, November 28 instead of Sunday November 29th. We'll still be recording at 8:30pm Eastern.

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Articles for tonight's podcast:

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Episode 59: ... and Taxes

A fun show this evening with a few folks joining the show! Tonight we wanted to talk about taxes and problems with the tax system as it is today. What spurred this conversation was a report released by the CBO that said, "everyone pays taxes when you figure in Social Security and Medicare withholding." (Hat Tip: Greg Mankiw's Blog)

 Well, I invited Matt Myers of Myers Accounting and Canalside Financial who provided us with two examples of generic client data where the individuals not only did not pay any tax, they actually received back more than they paid in... including the FICA taxes! I'll link to those numbers when he sends them to me. We had a few other callers on the show as well, Hanover from Second Life brought up some good questions about how all of this ties in with the Fair Tax movement.

Also, Ron Skytower, host of the Conservative Matters podcast called in to give an example of how the system favored him. After the CBO report, the conversation turned to a simple question. Why do Liberals think that tax cuts don't work. The latest example of their pro-tax stance can be found in a Working Life blog entry entitled "Tax Cuts Aren't The Answer" (you may want to have a sickness bag next to you before you read it). From an official perspective, Pelosi doesn't think they did any good, and has urged Obama to repeal instead of letting them expire in 2010. I think the key problem with their point of view can be summed up in this statement from the Working Life post:
"You would think that was the obvious lesson from the past failed 25-year experiment of choking our governing power."

Here's a hint: In America, Governments are supposed to serve their constituents, not have power over them!

Finally, and with about 2 minutes left in the show, we had to at least mention the fact that California may have to issue IOU's instead checks for tax returns, grant payments and payments to contractors and vendors. Ken and I thought it reminded us of the 1995/6 federal shutdown until Hanover informed us that banks in California are required to treat those IOU's as state issued checks. Looks like California found a new way to bail themselves out if the Feds don't come through!

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Episode 54: Changing the Cabinet

Yes, folks, the show recorded a night early! Sorry for the short notice but there was a schedule conflict that would have made a Sunday recording impossible. So tonight we talked about the Presidential Cabinet, their roles and who Obama has picked for their seats. The general observation - it's Clinton's third term except for Defense, and that's only if Gates accepts. Also we talked about the Fairness Doctrine that is now being touted by the Democrats. Thanks to the Republican Party of Second Life for allowing us the use of their theater! Be sure to check out their podcast, Conservative Matters with Ron Skytower!

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Episode 48: Whales Suit Sweeden's Trip to Powell's Racist Rainbow Suit

A very well attended show tonight, with Ron Skytower of the Conservative Matters Blog stopping in and Silverblade Dagger and Jayspari (both from Second Life) calling in and adding their opinions! As always we thank everyone for joining in the discussion on SecondLife as well as the Talkshoe chat room. We did have a small technical glitch - the mixer could not connect, so the normal intro isn't there! Also, we have to mention our sponsor! Blockbuster's Total Access package give you access to over 85,000 titles that can arrive in your mailbox in as little as a day! You can even exchange movies in any Blockbuster store... all this for $19.99 a month! East Coast Conservative listeners can save $10 off their first month's payment by clicking on the green "Sign Up Now" button on the right-hand side of this page. Articles discussed in tonight's show:

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Silverblade did make it in to the call, but I could not deliver on my promise from last week! We'll be sure to include it in next week's show! And for your viewing pleasure, the graphical representation of tonight's show title...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

EPISODE 34: Crossing Oklahoma's Wall, Suing Jackson's Casinos

A very busy show tonight! We were joined by Ron Skytower, host of the Conservative Matters Podcast as well as some family and the noises of the great outdoors. Articles discussed this evening:

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

EPISODE 32: Rulings Draw Lynch Graduation Gamble

This week was a tough one to pick articles for - there was SO MUCH to talk about tonight! In addition, my Step-father Jim called in and added his thoughts to the mix. We also experimented with a new concept - simulcasting the show into Second Life with the help of the Republican Party of Second Life. Be sure to check out their podcast, Conservative Matters with Ron Skytower. Articles discussed on tonight's show:
Click Here to download tonight's episode! If you want to leave a comment, you can post it here on the website or send us an email to If you want to be a part of the show, we record every Sunday night at 8:30pm using the TalkShoe network. See you there! We thank everyone that listened in tonight... both in our chat room, on the phone and now in Second Life. We also thank everyone that downloads the past episodes and listens when they can. After the show I popped in to the auditorium to get feedback and reaction and it was all good, so I think it'll happen again!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

EPISODE 31: Bumper Sticker Beliefs

We decided to move from the normal show format to have some fun with bumper stickers and other things. We found some bumper stickers and had an interesting time discussing them. In addition, we decided to point the truth in humor for the Top Ten Democrat Beliefs. Beyond those two topics, I had to bring up the So-Called Accomodation Laws that have been passed in Colorado, Iowa, Maryland and Florida. These laws allow 'trans-gender' people access to bathrooms of their elected gender rather than their genetic one. I also made mention of a new conservative podcast being hosted on Second Life by the Republican Party of Second Life called the Conservative Matters Blog with Ron Skytower. They're just getting things started but give them a listen when you get a chance! Click Here to download tonight's show. I'm putting the notes in an extended entry because of the vulgarity of some of the bumper stickers.