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Episode 319: Godless

There are episodes that go exactly according to plan and there are ones that go more along the way this one did. I didn't even try to keep things on topic because the conversation was still really good. Unfortunately we barely scratched the articles or the premise. That may be a good thing or a bad thing, I'll leave it for the audience to decide. No matter what we did have a good conversation and a lot of participation. We even had to stay on our good behavior after my mom called in!

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Oh, and Happy Groundhog Day!

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Articles for Episode 319: Godless

No matter how you look at it, respect for the religious beliefs of citizens is sorely lacking in this administration. Tonight we are going to discuss a number of articles that are hilighted by a statement made by, of all people, Russian President Vladimir Putin. There are plenty of examples of this and there are plenty of others that we've discussed in the past. Given the time, there are some off-topic items that we'll look at as well. Thanks to your support, this episode will be our first to air on the Boost Radio Network! We will be playing from 7-8pm on Wednesday nights and look forward to a strong working relationship with the hosts. This does not mean that our fundraising campaign is done though, as we still have three more quarters to fully fund. If you would like to donate use the link on the right hand side of the site. If you have any problems donating please contact us at Articles for this episode: Another short reading list for the other articles. You can join the conversation every Sunday night at 8:30pm and now if you want to help suggest articles, comment or just chat you can join us on Twitter at @ECConservative. If you want to comment on any of the articles, please feel free to start a discussion here, or email them to Join us for the recording session, normally live at 8:30pm Eastern time by visiting You can also listen to our show and many other conservative podcasts at the Red State Talk Radio Network. If you want to listen to the podcast on your mobile phone, you can listen using Stitcher Radio.

Episode 163: Learning from History

In today’s world, ignorance is never bliss. On tonight’s show we’re going to look at what I consider to be a few teachable moments. There are articles on civility, consumer censorship, common sense and current candidates.

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We had a bit of a late start tonight due to some family issues but after we got the ball rolling it was a laugh a minute! The list of articles actually had to be shortened quite a bit to keep from running well over our normal time!

Articles for tonight's episode

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Episode 114: Punitive Speeches

This past week was another busy news week and we're going to touch on just a few of the items that have come up. There were also a couple of important presentations that have to be reviewed. The Statue of the Union lecture and the rant that he gave when the House Republicans to meet with him.

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Links to articles and sound clips for tonight's show:
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